Thursday Night Annual Banquet

Ag Town Hall

During the Governor's Ag Town Hall, you'll be able participate in a discussion with Governor Rick Snyder on key issues impacting Michigan agriculture's ability to grow and meet these challenges by 2015.

Have a question for Governor Snyder?

During the banquet pose questions to Governor Rick Snyder.
Text: mfb then a space followed by your question to 57780.
Example message: "mfb How do you plan to increase access to healthy food in urban areas?"

You can also visit our mobile site to pose a question

To participate in a polling questions during the Ag Town Hall simply text your response to 57780. Polling questions will be shown live during the Ag Town Hall.

Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award presentation

The purpose of the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award is to honor, in person at the annual meeting of the Michigan Farm Bureau, an individual who has given outstanding leadership and service to Michigan agriculture and to the farm people of this state.

Anyone in Michigan whose service to agriculture has been of statewide or industry importance are eligible to receive the award. Employees and directors of the Michigan Farm Bureau and its affiliate companies are not eligible.

This year's recipient will be presented an engraved plaque by President Wayne H. Wood following a brief presentation describing the accomplishments of the recipient in regards to Michigan agriculture.

Past Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award Recipients

  • 2011 Wallace E. Heuser
  • 2010 Don Nugent
  • 2009 Keith Brown
  • 2008 David C. Morris
  • 2007 Jack Barnes, Elwood Kirkpatrick
  • 2006 Albert A. Almy
  • 2005 Dan Wyant
  • 2004 Rick Johnson, Peter McPherson
  • 2003 George Stover, Jordan Tatter
  • 2002 Dr. Harlan D. Ritchie
  • 2001 John G. "Jack" Laurie
  • 2000 Dr. Donald Hillman PhD, Sen. George McManus
  • 1999 Robert T. Driscoll
  • 1998 Senator Harry Gast
  • 1997 Martin John Bukovac, Milo B. Tesar
  • 1996 Dr. John N. "Jake" Ferris, Dr. Robert G. Gast
  • 1995 Dr. Burton Cardwell
  • 1994 None Presented
  • 1993 Robert Smith, Jim Bradley
  • 1992 None Presented
  • 1991 Dr. James Anderson
  • 1990 None Presented
  • 1989 Kenneth Bull, P.C. Morrison, Jr.
  • 1988 None Presented
  • 1987 Robert Braden
  • 1986 Elton R. Smith
  • 1985 Arthur Bailey
  • 1984 Dr. Ronald Nelson
  • 1983 Dr. Gordon Guyer
  • 1982 None Presented
  • 1981 Dr. Russell Mawby
  • 1980 Dean Pridgeon
  • 1979 Dr. Jacob Hoefer
  • 1978 Dr. Clinton Meadows
  • 1977 Sen Charles O. Zollar
  • 1976 Dr. Sylvan Wittwer
  • 1975 None Presented
  • 1974 Nile L. Vermillion
  • 1972 Dr. and Mrs. Cyril Spike, R. W. (Wally) Peterson, Dr. Lawrence Boger
  • 1971 Dan E. Reed
  • 1970 Lee D. Ferden, James G. Hayes
  • 1969 B. Dale Ball, Stephen S. Nisbet
  • 1968 Frank Merriman, Harold Blaylock
  • 1967 Jean Worth, Ward Hodge, Charles Davis
  • 1966 D. Hale Brake, Walter Wightman, Wesley Hawley
  • 1965 Charles J. Little, Robert Runyon, Mrs. Marjorie Karker, Mark Westbrook
  • 1964 Dr. Thomas K. Cowden, W. A. McDonald, David Friday, Stanley Powell
  • 1963 John Hannah, Arthur Howland, Andrew Lohman
  • 1962 Glen Lake, Milon Grinnell, Fred Vendermeulen, Einar E. Ungren
  • 1961 Dr. Ernest Anthony, Charles Figy, Wilbur Randol
  • 1960 Stanley Johnston, George McIntyre, Marshall Wells, Jack Yaeger
  • 1959 Dr. Carl Huffman, Herbert Van Aken, A. J. Rogers, II
  • 1958 Clark Brody, Orville Walker, Mrs. Belle Newell
  • 1957 Fred J Harger, Ivan K. Maystead, Arthur Ingold, Keith A. Tanner
  • 1956 Arne J. Kettunen, Mrs. Edith M. Wagner, Carl E. Buskirk